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Seen: A One of a Kind Car

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

In Los Angeles, I've seen some pretty cool cars. There is the usual high-end sports-car or the occasional cool vintage car, but this customized Mini Cooper takes the crown for most personality.

My fiance and I were walking down Abbot Kinney having a grand old time when we came upon a crowd milling about this Coca-Cola red Mini Cooper. With its distinct cherry red and swoosh markings, this car was certainly a conversation piece.

The owner was nearby ostentatiously answering questions. "Yeah... I got everyone in this car. Jack Nicholson was in this car," he said with a generous helping of braggadocio. But taking a second look at his car, maybe it wasn't such a far-fetched story after all.

This self-deprecating (self-congratulatory?) detail made me laugh.

The message on the car's dashboard read: "Life is short. Take the scenic route." I love it. The advice goes for anyone in a car, or out.

We didn't buy the car, but we did do an ice cream cheers for it! Thanks, N'ice Cream!


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