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Picture this: Blooms in Los Angeles

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I suppose it's the girl in me, but whenever I pass by something colorful, I can't help but look. I'm not a big believer in cutting flowers, since they end up wilted inside my home instead of blooming gracefully outdoors, so I'm content to take a few shots instead.

Can anyone help me identify these flowers? My horticultural knowledge isn't the best, but what I lack in knowhow, I make up in wonder.

This reminds me of the fractal vegetable, Romanesco. I don't even know if this is a flower, but I love its soft bristles.

Okay, this is for sure a flower. I found these guys hanging out on the street and I wondered how it survived the busy flow of traffic given its wispiness.

In my mind, this is the biggest flower of all :) a Jacaranda tree. I owe my knowledge of it to Good's post calling for submissions. Apparently, this tree blooms purple around this time of the year. Cool. This particular one towers over all the cars on a main thoroughfare on Venice Beach.

Do you have some cool blooms growing in your neighborhood? I'd love to see it! Or, help me out by helping me identify the other flowers in this post.

Photo credits: Carren Jao


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