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Impromptu Fountain Sprouts on Ventura and Hayvenhurst

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Encino streets got an unexpected cooling off today thanks to a 7-story jet of water that spilled onto Ventura and Hayvenhurst. Like true gawking bystanders, Carlos and I rushed over the corner to get a better view of the scene. A passerby told us that a truck ran over the hydrant and promptly left the scene.

I felt like I was in the middle of a live action movie. I was half-waiting for someone to yell "Cut!" Either that, or we could have been in a Disney performance of World of Color, without the color. I certainly felt the gentle spray of water hit my face even though we were a good six lanes away from the fountain.

What the intersection looked like at the start.

Notice how tall this fountain of water is. The building beside it is six stories high. This was even higher.

As it happens, this was one of the few times we weren't in transit and could watch the proceedings from start to finish. Police and firemen were on the scene in a few minutes. As the gush of water rushed on, we saw the traffic light fall to the street, more than a few cars slowing down and, of course, pedestrians with cellphone cameras in hand. Within half an hour, firemen had the situation under control.

The intersection as it was getting darker.

They huddled under a yellow tarp and shut down the valve to the water supply. As the water shut down, we could hear everyone give them a cheer. I thought that was such a supportive gesture from everyone on the scene. That's one "action adventure" with a happy ending.

Heroes of the day.

Photo credits: Carren Jao


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