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Cheap this Sun: Love and Other Audacities

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

If you haven't had time to stop by the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Sunday is a good day. Artist Ann Weber (who's currently showing at the museum's third floor) will be talking about her journey creating monumental sculptural works out of simple cardboard.

I stopped by recently to see her cardboard creations for myself and I was charmed. Weber's use of cardboard makes her large works less intimidating, welcoming even. I admit, it did lightly poke one of her sculptures and (to my horror) it moved! I suppose I should have expected how light it was given the material, but really, Weber's work look anything but light.

In this exhibition, Weber focuses on the topic that rings true for many of us: love. Fashioning large, bulbous objects she echoes a few anthropomorphic references, which put a delighted smile to my face. Here are the few that I found:

The Wedding Party recalls the endless process of white (on the bride, groom and respective entourage) that usually accompanies a marriage. The bride looks to be the largest, most substantial piece. Is it because this society always puts the pressure to look good on the bride?

If I remember correctly, this piece is called Almost. Ah, the pieces that almost fit together, but not quite. Notice, these two peas in a pod looking sculptures have complementary shapes, except for one tiny bulb. Without that bulb, I'd daresay they could be together.

Curiouser and curiouser is my favorite piece. I can almost see a young child looking inquisitively up at his parent, asking incessant questions. I have young nieces and nephews exactly like that!

Admission: $7

5814 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA


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