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Cheap this Sat: Salsa 101 at Granada!

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Every so often, I feel the need to dance. I don't mean swaying or shuffling my feet around, but I mean really dancing and moving to the beat of the music. On those days, the first place I think of is Granada in Alhambra.

I know, I know. It's strange that a salsa club would be out in Alhambra, but there it is and it fills up every Saturday night. People of all ages show up ready to for great live music and dancing. Don't worry if you know nothing about salsa dancing. Granada offers a free salsa basics class every Saturday, 8:30 pm right before they open the dance floor up to everyone.

This is what Granada looks like at the start of the night. On this shiny, expansive dance floor, a competent derriere-endowed woman showed about twenty of us a few basic moves. She was a pro. You could tell she's given many a lesson in her lifetime already.

She asked us to form two circles; one ring for men and an inner ring for women. Even though I came with friends, her quick lesson allowed me to say "hello" to a few other strangers. By the time the real dancing came along later that night, everyone had already warmed up both their limbs and social skills.

This is what Granada looked like right before we left. At around ten, the venue fills up and there is almost no place to shimmy. But somehow, everyone found their spot.

Everywhere, skirts were swirling, hair was flying and good times filled the air. I could tell everyone was there for pure fun unlike other nightclubs I've been to where men and women just hung around to see and be seen. I never liked that about nightclubs, so I was more than glad to trade in the snobbery for some serious fun.

17 South First Street, Alhambra
Admission: $15
Basic salsa class, Saturday 8:30 pm


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