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What happened: deLab at Osteria La Buca

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Where else can you find handpainted signs nowadays? Photo from Brendan Ravenhill.

On a somewhat rainy night, I found myself along a semi-desolate part of Melrose and inside home-y (barn-y?) Osteria La Buca. I came to hear designer Brendan Ravenhill talk about his process and inspiration for the restaurant.

From designing an ingenius bottle opener, Brendan was entrusted by owner Graham Snyder to basically re-design Osteria La Buca. What resulted was a restaurant that felt like it has always been there, right down to the hand-painted signs outside and on this board below by Brendan's wife.

>Good. Inside and out. Handpainted (and welcoming) sign inside Osteria La Buca. Photo from Brendan Ravenhill.

Brendan had such a hands-on approach that he never even made drawings for designs, preferring instead to talk to the people he contracted to help out to explain his vision. His background in boatbuilding showed in the banquettes, seats and bar stools he designed, which were all comfy even without an inch of padding.

While the talk was a lot of fun, I also had a chance to meet some very cool people, which was a first for me. I usually attend to hear the talk, but forget to socialize. This time around, I met Brooke Woosley, a talented designer whose works have recently been spotted in NYTimes; Chris Adamick (not sure if this is his last name, since I didn't ask, but I did research) whose projects range from "a masterplan to a piggy bank"; Ashley from Long Beach city planning and, of course, Marielle. I also came across Dustin from beer and wine bar Covell, for which Brendan will be designing some sturdy bar stools. There was some serious socializing done that night. Quite frankly, it was a nice change of pace!

The talented Brooke Woosely wearing her creations. Photo by: Carren Jao

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