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Seen: Petersen Automotive Museum

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

If you're not planning a big trip this weekend, why not explore the city limits?

On Wilshire, there are many museums to choose from, but perhaps the most interesting and intimidating facade is the Petersen Automotive. From the Wilshire side, the museum's large windows are shaded and written over with graffiti. It made me wonder if it was even open. The entrance as it turns out was on Fairfax. Inside, the museum held true to its promise of being a gallery of all things automotive.

There was even an old map of Los Angeles showing population density and the electric cars' pathways. It was interesting to note that there was only one dot near the Valley, where I lived. There really was no one in this part of town half a century or so ago huh? Just a lot of orange trees, if stories prove true.

Here are some other things I found:

This guy is a giant-scaled skeleton. If he were a real person, he'd be over 9 feet tall!

This was called the Egyptian. I like the sand color inspiration and even the linear detailing on the side.

A 1954 Plymouth. I just like its soft curves.

This was an extra long car with the driver's section separated from the passenger section. It was strange, but then I read that Evita Peron and her husband rode this car on a presidential parade. Then, that strange detail made sense.

Isn't this an elegant symbol on the top of the Peron's car? I love how the golden wings' sharp and angular outline contrasts with the soft curves of the swan.

No automotive museum is complete without a DeLorean. Oh, the 80s!

Just super cute sign. It is perfect for a wedding!

All photos by: Carren Jao

6060 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA
Tues-Sun, 10 am- 6pm
Admission: $10 adults

Parking tip: I usually just park for free on 8th.


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