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LA Living: Marielle Noble

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Everyone has their own Los Angeles, so I'm rounding up a few Angelenos to share their piece of Los Angeles with Uncover LA readers. Say hi to:

Marielle Noble
Self-described Curator of Curiosity at Wondros

Which part of LA do you call home? I live in Santa Monica now, but not for too long. I'm planning to move closer to work.

What do you do? I work for Wondros, a cause-based production company. We try to translate complex ideas into simple ideas to help move and shape culture.

Sounds cool. What's the best thing about working here? It's the most anti-Hollywood Hollywood environment imaginable. We get to work on amazing projects about people who are really, really doing things to change the world. We get to just tell their story. In the process, you learn about their organization and you become passionate about the things they're passionate about.

Any cool past projects? The 25th anniversary for the MIT media lab. It was incredible. We got to spend the day with people who were experts in high-tech robotics. We spent the day with the modern father of robotics and the guy who's world-renowned for doing this electronic opera.

One of my other favorites is the Rock the Vote campaign in 2010 for senatorial election. It was a real exciting thing because you're talking about how to motivate an apathetic generation. Who's going to inspire young people to vote? It's a bipartisan organization, so it's just about getting young people to vote.

Where would you take people to see your LA?
If they'd never seen LA, I think the tourist sites is a must--but no more than once, like the Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese theater, Capitol Records building--you drive past it.

Hollywood Boulevard at night.

If people are here during the summer, I'd take them to the Hollywood Bowl, if there's a show they want to see. I'd take them to the Getty Villa in Malibu. It's one of my favorite places to go. On a Sunday, just go for a few hours, even if you don't see the exhibits. The building is just so gorgeous. The big Getty is great too. I love LACMA. I try to take people to museums because people don't realize there's a lot of culture in LA. I try to help them realize that there is. We have to give ourselves a good name, even if we're blonds. (laughs)

Quoteable LA quote: LA is a fluffy but interesting city of dreams.

Ed's note 5/27: Wow! I got an interesting email this week from a genealogist painstakingly putting his family tree together. He emailed to asking to get in touch with Marielle because she's his cousin. It turned out he was right! It's nice to know this blog ripples around the world!


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