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Field Trip: Wondros Office

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I walk around Los Angeles as much as I can and I often find myself wondering what lies beyond the walls I see. While interviewing Marielle, I got the chance to see beyond the velvet curtains of one of Hollywood's most un-Hollywood production studios, Wondros.

Wondros is a phoenix rising from the ashes. In a past life, it was FreeForm media, a stellar production company. Its founder Jesse Dylan was named one of Fast Company's 100 most Creative People in 2010 (and eldest son of Bob Dylan and Sara Lownds Dylan, for that extra Hollywood glam factor). Unlike many purely commercial media companies, Wondros has such social campaigns as Bono's ONE, the (RED) campaign against AIDS and TED under its belt.

A company with such heavyweight clients under its belt is bound to be creative--and its working atmosphere does not disappoint. Stepped back from a busy Third St. area in West Hollywood, the brick building could have been mistaken for a warehouse. But once inside, it is anything but mere storage.

The color palette mostly mimics that of a park, with greens and browns all over the place. The waiting room is a comfortable centerpiece, with an old arcade game on the side and welcoming chairs forming a perimeter.

In the middle a monochromatic green rug adds a little life to the area. A small sign saying, "Keep off the grass" imparts a sense of humor.

My favorite piece of the space is most definitely the criss-crossed staircases. Such design makes for great opportunities for employees to simply bump into each other and perhaps talk a while. The plentiful sunlight that streams from above doesn't hurt either.

What's more, a large pantry (which I didn't get to photograph) was just beyond the welcoming area. Plus points for design! I've always felt that rituals around food was an important part of creating genuine camaraderie among colleagues.

I've been to my share of offices and this layout certainly sits on the top of my charts. It deftly straddles a serious business-like atmosphere with a natural color palette while retaining a sense of fun and friendliness communicated through small details and warm materials. Now that's an office that you'd look forward to seeing everyday, wouldn't you?


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