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Sun: Happy new year!

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I love Los Angeles. I don't think I've ever been in a place that celebrated every opportunity for a new beginning. Since we rang in the new year on January 1st, I've seen signs for Chinese New Year in February, Iranian New Year in March, and now.... Thai New Year in April!

Isn't that quite amazing? Every month is a new beginning. Each day, someone in the world could be celebrating a bright new start. I love that thought. It fits perfectly with how I try to live my life.

Oh, in case you do want to celebrate all things Thai this Sunday. Head down to Thai town. Called Songkran Festival, the event is ranked one of the best festivals in LA by How true? I'm not sure. In this town, there's a lot of competition.

What you can look forward to is "Hollywood transformed into Bangkok street," curry (lots of it), sticky mango rice (one of my favorites), live music, a Ms. Thai Town contest and (cliche but true) lots, lots more.

The best part? You can just get off the Hollywood/Western stop and you're there. Take the Metro, please!

Songkran Festival 2011 (Thai New Year)
Hollywood Blvd, between Western and Normandie
Admission: Free
03 April 2011, 9- 11:30 am
There's a Thai site, but this one is informative and in English.


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