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Sat: Help Japan

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Who knew sine and cosine waves could be so compelling?

Artist Sasaki hooks people up to a pulse monitor and listens to the "lub dub" of their hearts in real time through a set of speakers. (Appropriately Dublab will be playing the music from 3 to 8 pm.)

Sasaki then draws the images of the heartbeat for three minutes. At the end of which, participants sign their own "heartbeat drawing" creating their own personalized "Heartbeat-Portraits." When drawn all in one large canvas, these portraits become a powerful visual of the human spirit. What better message to send out to the world...and to Japan?

A large canvas of Heartbeat drawings will be auctioned to raise additional proceeds. Personal heartbeat drawings by Sasaki will be available for a $100 donation. Show your support. Share a little of your heart today. More amazing photos of Sasaki and Heartbeat Drawing here.

fundraising event to benefit Architecture for Humanity, Japan
April 2, 3-8pm
Admission is a $5-$10 donation

Materials & Applications
1619 Silver Lake Blvd., LA
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