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Free today: The University of Local Knowledge

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Knowle West is a small village in the English city of Bristol. Its villagers were relocated there from housing projects during the great depression in the early 1930s to work in surrounding factories. Now, eighty years later, the residents seem to have come full circle, facing unemployment, stereotyping and limited access to higher education.

Seeing this sad state of affairs, LA-based artist Suzanne Lacy worked on a project called "The University of Local Knowledge," engaging over 300 Knowle West residents on video to share their bit of wisdom. Lacy worked with art organizations in Bristol to tap into the collective know-how from the arts, the University of Bristol and the Knowle West Residents.

Together, Lacy, Knowle West Media Centre staff, artists and residents have recorded 1,000 video pieces--called "texts" of 30 seconds to 4 minutes each. These texts form a mosaic of what life is like through the eyes of the Knowle West residents. Some "courses" available online are on rabbit hunting, raising children as teen moms, growing organic veggies and maintaining classic cars.

Lacy shares her experience working on this project at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in Hollywood tonight. More info here. Check out this montage of "texts" up on YouTube.

Thursdays at LACE
April 28, 7-9 pm
6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323.957.1777


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