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Continuing Discovery: Balboa Park

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I missed CicLAvia last weekend, but I did get to do something new, biking on the edges of Balboa Park. I finally convinced by fiance to stop working (for a bit) to enjoy some sunshine with me while I learn to get around in two wheels.

While whirling slightly downhill on Balboa and crossing the 101, we made our way to the southeast side of Balboa Park. I loved it already. The nice, smooth and even bike path was a relief compared to the sometimes tight and uneven spaces on Balboa Boulevard.

There was so much open space and so many people using the park; it was wonderful. Here are some of the shots, I remembered to take!

While researching the park post-bike ride, I found out the park had so many more facilities! Bike rentals, kite flying, kayaking, fishing, remote boating (?). Where was all that? I'll definitely be back for more. Stay tuned!

Plus! Spring flowers photographed around the neighborhood!


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