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Inspired by LA

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I remember talking with a hardcore Brooklynite almost a year ago about moving to LA. When I brought it up, she instantly cooed her sympathetically saying, "There is nothing in LA. It was so empty." I paraphrase, but essentially, she had told me that LA is a barren wasteland in all possible ways.

In the few months I've been here, I have thankfully found that her words were misleading. Yes, she might have hopped on the bus in Los Angeles (kudos to her for that!), but she failed to truly see Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a city for explorers. It doesn't present itself in all its glory right away. She waits for ones patient enough to tease out her treasures. What treasures? My favorite are always her gorgeous skyscapes, spread out before an unsuspecting commuter. Or perhaps it's the unusual architecture that peeks out behind the Valley's many canyons. Here are a few of my favorite shots around Los Angeles,

Large puffy clouds over Ventura Boulevard, just before sunset.

On top of the world at the Getty.

Patrick Tighe's installation "Out of Memory" at SCI-Arc was an otherworldly exhibition in the heart of Los Angeles.

Lunch at Wilshire Blvd. is a colorful affair with visually engaging food trucks carrying yummy treats to boot!

Now, it's your turn. What treasures of LA have you found? Share your links with me in the comments below :)
Photo credits: Carren Jao


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