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Free any day: Whirlwind Walk Downtown

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I'm a walker. I believe we have two feet for a reason and I enjoy those sunny days when I really make use of them. If you are the same, then I would highly recommend walking the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

Compact and built on a (mostly) grid system, Downtown is a great place to stretch your legs. I walked from 9th Street up to the Chinatown area just last week and it was great to see the changing landscape.

In one block, I'm surrounded by high towers. The further north I got, I saw the more historic buildings gradually take over until I got right to the birthplace of Los Angeles near Olvera Street. I covered this much ground in about an hour. I would have loved to walk longer, but I had an appointment to catch.

Here are some of my snapshots and sightings. If you ever take this free walk, I'd love to see what you glimpsed along the way.

A lovely juxtaposition of old (Figueroa Hotel) and new (JW Marriot Hotel).

I found where all the taxis are in LA--on 7th and Fig.

They look like shiny vats--the kind you find in factories. I wonder if this is a case of form following the company's function?

Palm trees with pony tails! Aren't they a sight? I think this was in front of Westin Bonaventure, but I might be mistaken. Again, I forgot to note down which building this is. Guesses are welcome :)

There's the Central Library pyramid peeping from the treetops.

A little grotto area at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles with Central LA New High School Area #9 in the background.

The inside of the Union Station is always a grand revelation.

Photo credits: Carren Jao

Where have you walked lately? Share your journey with me.


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