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Meaty and merry

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

In the mood to celebrate the post-Christmas day with hunk of beef? As part of the "family in town" series of food posts, I present: Smoke City Market, bringing a taste of Texas BBQ to the Valley.

My first word of advice is to drive a bit slowly when nearing this resto's address. Stationed beside the Midas auto repair, it can so easily be missed. Parking is also a challenge with only a small lot in the back and some street parking available. After having surpassed those challenges, get ready for a hearty carnivorous treat.

Opened only November 4 this year, Smoke City Market offers Texas-style BBQ (meaning less rub and more grub) to the Valley. According to their overly wordy educational website, Texas BBQ "features meats that are seasoned simply (with little more than salt and pepper) or slow-smoked" as opposed to saucy BBQs of the South. We got brisket and jalapeno cheese hotdogs. A side of white bread helped change the flavor, but the mac and cheese (true to the server's suggestion) complemented the order. Smoke City also lets you order by the pound, making it possible for you to try a bit of everything, if you wanted to.

Smoke City Market feels like an outdoorsy man's hangout. Long wooden picnic chairs spread across the space and an old-school Coke refrigerator adds a nice red accent. Longhorns, plywood planks and longhorn skeletons added to the Texas motif.

The service was delightful. Despite the rather gloomy weather we were having that day, the guy behind the register managed to still joke around with us. He also got us onto the mac 'n' cheese, the merits of which he extolled from high heavens. (It did go well with the meat, but probably not too well on its own because of its buttery flavor).

Throughout our meal, guests came into Smoke City and were greeted like long lost frat buddies. Add the two flat-screen TVs on either side of the space and it makes for a great testosterone gathering place.

5242 Van Nuys Bl
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401
Phone (818) 855-1280
Open Daily 10am-10pm

Photo by: Dave Cobb


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