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Half a Day of Chocolate

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Instead of staying in on a rather glooomy Wednesday, I ventured out to Marina del Rey in the name of chocolate. (Yes, you read right.) A call came out for volunteers to make and pack chocolate a few days before that and I couldn't resist.

For a few hours, I watched as chocolatier Ruth Kennison of Gourmandise Desserts puttered around her home kitchen getting chocolate to the right temperature in a process called tempering. Sometimes, she would heat it over a double boiler. Sometimes, she would carry a bowlful of melted goodness over to the patio entrance to cool. It seems, in the world of chocolate, temperature is everything!

Here are some of the things we (meaning, I) played with:

One way to cool chocolate is to add another bar of it in a bowl. See the lump in the middle? That's a chocolate bar in the process of melting.

Another way to cool it is by spreading it over a cold, granite slab. Like so.

These are bite-size lavender and caramel-flavored treats that we ended covering in our melted chocolate to make truffles.

This shortbread is good enough even without being covered in chocolate. It's layers of shortbread held together by white chocolate and topped with caramel. Yum. That's my handiwork. I cut the tiny squares, which will eventually be draped in chocolate.

One of our end products: a box-full of sweetness.

What a good day! In case you need more of a chocolate fix, head on over to Married 2 Chocolate, a site marshaled by the ever intrepid Kris Alcantara.

Photos by: Carren Jao


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