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Mandala Project at Hammer Museum

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

A mandala, at least for me, is an object of contemplation. Painstakingly made over long periods of time using sand, their intricacy and beauty always reminds me of life itself. Symbolically, at the end of each project, they are always brushed away to be carried away by the elements.

See a mandala unfold over the course of two weeks at the Hammer Museum as a team of traditionally trained Lamas visiting LA create this sacred painting. Then, at the very end, catch them sweep off the intricately painted sand and disperse it over the Pacific on November 7.

More details here.
10899 Wilshire Boulevard, at Westwood Boulevard
Phone: 310-443-7000
Hours: Tues- Sat, 11am – 7pm; Thurs, 11am – 9 pm; Sun, 11am – 5 pm;
Admission: $7 for adults; Museum is free for everyone on Thursdays.

Saturday, November 6, 2-7pm
Mandala Viewing- see the completed project

Sunday, November 7, 1pm
Hammer Conversations
Michael Rotondi & Pema Namdol Thaye
Architect and Tibetan art master discuss the mandala.
Admission: Free

Sunday, November 7, 3pm
Dissolution Ceremony & Procession to Pacific Ocean
Tibetan monks lead a procession to the ocean. Bring your own transportation.

Photo courtesy of American Foundation for Tibetan Cultural Preservation.


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