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Guess where in LA: answers revealed

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

If you routinely peek into office buildings, you might have come across this downtown. It's (drum roll please) the Fine Arts Building on 7th Street! I know, such a generic name, but there's a reason for that if you read along.

Of course, I wasn't just poking around downtown for the fun of it. Like many things in life, it just presented itself at the right time. I was there conducting an interview and had my camera with me. The lovely guard in the front was kind enough NOT to intimidate me and even complimented me on my fall hat. All these things made capturing this building's gorgeous sanctum so much easier.

Some you might have recognized the building from (500) Days of Summer, where Tom, an aspiring architect points to the Fine Arts Building while giving his dream girl, Summer, a tour. Those who work downtown would simply know the building as the one right around the 7th and Metro Center station. Either way, don't just gape at the Romanesque Revival structure. Go in (say hello to the guard) and admire the workmanship that went into the two-story Spanish Renaissance courtyard.

The building opened in 1926 with a private gala for a thousand guests. It was originally meant to attract tenants in the arts, thus the design that echoed the same theme. The building was designed by Albert Walker and Percy Eisen, the same people responsible for other iconic structures around town, the Oviatt Building and the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Here's what the LA Conservancy had to say about the building.

Photo credit: Carren Jao


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