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Quick Fix: Cucumber Shrimp Pasta

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

What to do with cucumber? Again our CSA delivery is challenging us.

The only thing I could think of for cucumbers was to put them in a salad, but a quick cookbook consultation led us to this concoction. The cucumbers added more meatiness to the sauce without the use of red meat. Also, in one fell swoop, we'd figured out what to do with a pound of cucumbers. How's that for making use of our CSA box?
Stir frying our veggies

Our masterpiece. We still had leftovers, so I just had the sauce with cooked rice at the next day. It was still yummy!

Jumbo shrimp
Mushrooms (optional)
Half a cup of heavy cream
Salt and pepper
Italian seasoning

  • Start cooking your pasta as per directions on the box
  • Mince garlic and stir fry with olive oil
  • Add shrimp and let cook
  • Slice cucumbers and mushrooms
  • Add to the stir fry
  • Add heavy cream
  • Let the whole pan simmer for a few minutes
  • Season with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning
  • Once your pasta is done, add it to your finished sauce and swirl to coat the pasta.
  • Serve warm
Photo credit: Carren Jao


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