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LA Living: Vickey Kalambakal

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I was first drawn to this writer by her last name. It's always nice to reconnect to someone with a Filipino tie. Sadly, the "Kalambakal" attached to this writer's name came from her former husband. They divorced some time back. On the bright side, she tells me they're good friends.

Say hi to:
Vickey Kalambakal
Independent writing and editing professional

Which part of LA do you call home? San Pedro, a port district of the city

What challenges have you overcome lately? Going back to school in my 40s and getting my master's degree. It's a scary thing to do. I wasn't a party-er (like some younger students), but I did go for coffee.

Latest claim to fames?
  • Getting an article published in Westways. "I must have written twenty different queries to them. They're a difficult market to break into."
  • Saving a mural in Redondo Beach. "I had just started writing for and I wrote about a Wells Fargo mural that was in disrepair. In the process of calling people, I spoke with a Wells Fargo representative who committed to repairing and refurbishing the whole mural designed by Susan Lautman Hertel, a student of Millard Sheets. When I heard that, it was like, 'Wohoo! I saved a mosaic!'"
Favorite LA spots?
Quotable LA quote: "I've been here since the 1950s and every decade there's a new skyline. It's iconic, but at the same time, it's never the same."

You can find more of Vickey here.

On a side note, for any freelance and media profs out there: Mediabistro is hosting a cocktail party at the Geisha House in Hollywood tonight. If you're wondering who you'll know there, try catching a glimpse of Write On! Online creator Debra Eckerling and Kaiser Permanente senior web editor Michelle Thatcher. Intel says they'll be wearing feather boas.

Get more details here. RSVP here.


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