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"In the Heights" flash mob: marketing and the real thing

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

If you were at the Universal City Walk last June 26, you might have seen the "In the Heights" flash mob below:

Flash mobs are probably my favorite type of guerilla marketing. It's interactive and immersive. When you're in the middle of one, don't you just feel like getting in on the action? But, they can only go so far. What it can't capture are the little details that make a stage production human and moving, which makes it difficult to stage a flash mob of an existing musical.

Don't judge the 2008 Tony-winning musical "In the Heights" based on this PR production. The flash mob was great for impact, but it's only shadow of what the Broadway show in LA has to offer. The solo parts felt forced and the lip synch didn't help.

Flash Mob America did manage to salvage the situation through sheer energy and number of warm bodies. By the 2:30 mark on the video, the whole plaza seemed to jive and grind along with the music, just as they should be.

See the real deal instead:

"In the Heights"
June 22-July 25, 2010
Price: $25-85 (includes dinner from Tuesday to Thursday)


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